31 Mar 2008


Well there you have it. I'd so hoped that we had been doing well enough on the solids that Enya would crack the 5kg mark but she didn't she went from 4920g to... 4920g. You got it, in the last week she ahs not put on a single gram, for the first time since December.
In part I think it is due to the change over to solids- they are not as calorific as formula, but also due to the diarrhea caused by the corn oil we were giving as instructed by the doc (we had to stop concentrating the formula when we changed to the anti-reflux formula).
Where to now? I don't trust the advice given by my doctor.


Cathy said...

You can still mix the cereals with the concentrated formula, right?

Can you mix concentrated regular formula with the anti-reflux? We've accidentally given our refluxer half a bottle of concentrate followed by the anti-reflux and he's done fine with it. (But he's also on meds.)

I don't know what else to tell you.

Nix said...

Nope not allowed to mix. My dietician friend is going to send something I am allowed to mix in but it won't boost it by much.