15 Mar 2008

Our little coffee addict

Well it's official. Enya failed her third attempt to wean from the caffeine. We had stopped the caffeine last week Thursday on the instructions of the Prof. Over the weekend we started seeing her oxygen saturation swinging, this progressively got worse until on Monday night we started getting alarms (we hadn't had any real alarms for about 3 weeks). Initially we thought it was just the old electrodes but even replacing them we still got a few alarms. On Tuesday evening we then started getting drops into the 60's (see, I told you day 5 was the bitch!!). At that point we'd had enough and restarted her on her caffeine. Within 20 mins the alarms had stopped and since then we've had an average of 98% O2 saturation. Z spoke to the Prof on Wednesday to tell him what he'd done and the consensus is now to let Enya outgrow the dose. She is only getting about 1/5 of the therapeutic dose but she needs that little bit. As our paediatrician said to me, she is not getting any side effects and it won't harm her, if she needs it until she goes to kindergarten, so what! She'll be the only kid in kindergarten who gets served a cappuccino with her breakfast.

The solids fest continues apace. They love carrots and pears are the best yet! I had to buy bibs with sleeves as Ciara eats with full body involvement. I spent this afternoon making puree for the next week for them, so cross fingers that they like all the new tastes coming their way. Debs sent me Annabel Karmel's new complete baby and toddler meal planner, she thinks it is the best book for weaning onto solids. So far the recipes are really simple (only steaming and pureeing fruit and veg) and the menu plan allows a couple of days of the same food so you can see if the baby reacts. Just as well I poured all the breast milk away that was filling our freezer, as I'm now going to start filling it with baby food. Poor Z!!

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iamza said...

That is the most adorable picture of Enya! I love her big wide eyes. And she loves that teething ring. :-)