23 Mar 2008


Sorry, I have not felt in the mood to post these past couple of days as we've been fighting to get Enya to drink. Before we started solids she was drinking 600+ml/day. Since Thursday we've been fighting to get her to drink over 400ml/day.
As soon as we put the teat in her mouth she starts arching away and moaning, if we rock her and talk to her we can normally get her to take 80-90ml but then she starts refusing to swallow. She eats her solids and laughs at us so it is not that her mouth is sore, I think she finds solids easier to cope with and would now like to be "on a solids only diet, thank you mommy". We have started mixing extra milk into her food to try get the milk down that way. She doesn't seem to have cottoned on yet but she is a smart little cookie, I wouldn't put it past her!
I'll be phoning the SLT on Tuesday to see if we can get an emergency appointment to see him next week but after the first appointment we had with him, I'm not expecting much help from him!

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Cathy said...

Does she have reflux?

My son went through a thing last week, crying every time the bottle came near him or he was put in position to feed. Arched away, got really upset.

It's reflux. We medicated him, and it's MUCH better.

In FACT, that could have maybe been some of her problem all along? It HURTS to eat, so she was resistent to it?

AND, solids wouldn't reflux as badly, which is why she would like them better.

Just a thought. Frequent hiccups, resistance to eating, arching the back during/after feedings, spitting up, etc, are all signs of it. So it might be worth running by the pedi - the meds generally can't HURT, and if they'd help?