27 Mar 2008

Bad blogger/feeding update

I know I've been a very bad blogger but I've been having mini meltdowns due to Enya's eating issues which we may, I repeat MAY have resolved.

After fighting to get a minimum (450ml) in Enya over the last weekend I phoned the paediatrician on Tuesday, to be told that I should try give her an extra cereal meal at night (HUH!?!). When I suggested that she might be having reflux he said that I could try an anti reflux formula (I had already worked that out myself I just wanted their okay on the formula change).

The results are with a thicker formula and a larger teat (with a bigger hole) SHE HAS STARTED TO SUCK!! Not consistently and not frequently but this is still progress! She still occasionally puts up some resistance when I bring the teat to her mouth but it very quickly subsides. She has drunk 600ml of milk today (our goal is 500-600mls) as well as eaten over 100g of solids!

This evening after I thought Enya was finished with her bottle, she cried until I brought the bottle back to her mouth and then kept pulling my hand with the bottle to her mouth, sucking and then pushing it away from her mouth. She landed up drinking another 20mls this way. I'm debating whether I should be looking into a baby cup for her so she can control her intake (at least for water/juice after solids)-although she is very young to be starting this. I will have to run it by the SLT next week.

Cross fingers hold thumbs this continues!!


Cathy said...

Yay for sucking! (Ha, that sounds funny.)

Glad the anti-reflux formula is helping. Reflux is a pain in the butt, but at least once you know it's there it's treatable.

iamza said...

W00t! Hopefully the good drinking continues!