4 Mar 2008


I've had a really stressful day and am so frustrated as nothing has gone as I wanted.
I deliberately fed the girls a bit earlier last night so that we would get a 4am feed and then a 8 am feed in but I have done my "sleep in" training a bit too well. They woke at about 6am which meant that they were due for their next feed while we were at physio.
The physio appointment was with our old physio (RATS!!) and had to be moved forward to 9:30 as she takes 2 hours to treat the girls (most of this is taken up with inane chatter that has nothing to do with my girls or their physio) and we had a doctors appointment in another part of town at 12. What was frustrating here is she arrived nearly half an hour late so we had time to treat Ciara and 15 minutes left for Enya. She also said (repeatedly) she would never have done things this way, as it was too much stress for the girls to have physio and a doctors appointment on the same day. Yes it was ,but if she hadn't wasted so much time with irrelevent babble, we could have looked at my technique so I could confidently treat the girls next weekend. Instead she said everything we were shown last week I'm doing wrong, however she would wait until next week sometime to correct it. YUP- once again no definite appointment for next week. I'm to blame though as I chickened out of telling her we want to change physios!!
I managed to get to our doctors appointment on time (I hate being late as I know how irritating it is to wait for your next patient), and gave Enya her bottle there, 2 hours late (she only drank 80mls of it-we aim for min of 100ml). That appointment went well with the doc (ex chief of the developmental center with loads of preemie experience) saing he thought it looks like we could come away from this preemie business without too many ill effects (YAYY!!)
When I finally got home neither girl was particularly interested in their next bottle and so it has remained for the rest of the day. Enya has not even reached 400mls yet and we only have one more feed to go (aim is 600mls). In part it could be due to the vaccinations they got today but also due to the appointments coinciding with meals everything has been thrown off kilter. I could throw things (promise I will not throw babies no matter how tempting;-)).
Okay rant over and I'm feeling better for it. I have the day off tomorrow from appointments and no home physio treatments for 3 days-HOLIDAY !! (sort of)


iamza said...

Oh, nuts! Sorry things didn't work out quite the way you planned. I hope the physio calls you this time to set up an appointment for next week intime for it to actually happen, well, next week. I'm sorry Enya didn't get her full treatment -- and also, grr!

Great news about the getting away lightly, though!! That's fantastic! Yay! \o/ (<--little arms of glee)

Cathy said...

Oh, don't you HATE it when you so carefully time their feeds, and they totally thwart you? And then they're screwed up for the whole day? And it takes like 3 days to get back to some sort of liveable schedule - which is right around when you have another appointment?

Yeah, me too.

(And no throwing things AT babies either. That, to me, is always more tempting.)