1 Apr 2008

April Fools

After a hellish day with the girls yesterday April Fools has been wonderful. That is despite the fact we had an 8am physio appointment. I love our new physio- new exercises and she explains everything. She also looks at what the girls are doing and so the exercises goals are dynamic.

Yesterday was so bad because they just would not stop crying. I've never had this before- Enya had a total meltdown before lunch, 45min solid screaming and wouldn't be soothed. Eventually I calmed her down by rocking her to sleep (to the soothing accompanying tones of Ciara's crying). Thank goodness for my rocking chair- it is also the favourite aid for getting Enya to drink ;-). I kind of wonder if it is the reaction to there only being one person at home during the day again. They are both very demanding and wanting my attention the whole time where previously they were content to wait their turn.

Funny they don't seem to appreciate it when I tell them I've only got one pair of arms.

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Ahh, the double baby freak. Fun, isn't it?

That's been my life the past couple of days too.

Glad the new physio is going good!