4 Apr 2008

Better than expected

Yesterday did, as the title says, turn out better than expected. Ciara was very well behaved by my friend, Jana. In fact she was so good we have made another date for the end of the month. Anna (Jana's 15 months old daughter) was fantastic with Ciara,in the past she has been a bit jealous but this time she was trying to help take care of Ciara-trying to put her dummy back, gently stroking her head etc. And yes, she was closely supervised the whole time ;-)

Enya's appointment with the SLT was a vast improvement on the last, due in no small part to the fact we could concentrate on her. I've got a couple new exercises to try with her and he has shown me a new technique to calm her down. My little pixie who always lay so still in her incubator is now continuosly kicking and trampling her legs, it's no wonder she can't put on weight! He also told me about another product I can use to thicken Enya's milk/drinks, so we can start trying to get her to drink something other than just milk after her solid meals (we will still be pushing for min 500ml formula a day). Our next appointment is in 4 weeks (hence the play date for Ciara).

I had my yoga night last night, as I've mentioned before Z has encouraged me to get out the house once a week to maintain my sanity. I found a local yoga group which does not concentrate too much on the philosophy behind the exercises, but more on the stretches, which suits me down to the ground. I was really sore from my run at the beginning of the week but after yoga I feel back to normal.

So enough blabbering I need to get started on my next major cook up- Debs has convinced me the sooner we get the girls onto meat the sooner we can get rid of the iron supplement and the recurring constipation (Jackie- I know TMI ;-))

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Cathy said...

Glad it went so well!

What are you using to thicken her milk? If solids don't help one of our guys, we're going to have to switch his formula, and then we'd need to thicken it ..

Yoga sounds relaxing - which I'm SURE you need! Gotta say though, if I had to/could get out of the house once a week, I'd likely rent a hotel room and just enjoy the quiet.