16 Apr 2008

8 months yesterday

I can't believe they are 8 months old already!! When I think that at this time 8 months ago we were terrified that they would not survive, it seems like it was forever ago, but at the same time like yesterday.

Ciara now weighs nearly ten times as much as her birth weight and Enya ten times as much as her lowest weight (520g about a week after she was born). Enya still fits into size 0-3 months but Ciara has already moved up a size and will soon be fitting into size 6-9 months! She started life on the 10 percentile line for weight and height but is now at the 50 percentile line for both. She must take after her dad in that respect. Enya is a little pixie and takes after my side of the family (Z calls us the hobbits).

They are both "smiley" babies mostly and it's usually not difficult to get them to laugh. That being said we suspect that they are teething as they are both drooling a lot, chewing on everything, off their milk, and sometimes very whingy. I can however not feel any lumps along their gums so we will have to wait and see.

And last but not least, I wrote that Ciara was waking us up at 3am with her screeching, well she can't anymore, she has no voice left!! Over the weekend she was screeching at Z the whole time and now she is completely hoarse. It is so cute when she trys to squeal and this hoarse little croak comes out. She doesn't have any pain, that we can tell, and she hasn't stopped trying but we are no longer getting woken up by her.

Sweet dreams for all

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Cathy said...

8 months! Crazyness!

Funny about the lost voice. Her little efforts to wake the whole house, thwarted!