2 Apr 2008

Tomorrow will be a first. I will be leaving Ciara in the care of someone who is not family and not a nurse. Enya has a SLT appointment and after the last appointment I want no distractions tomorrow. Which means Ciara will be spending the morning with a very good friend. This is the same friend that when I was feeling overwhelmed right at being alone with the 2 girls, she came over to visit and sent me to bed for a nap while she got on and cared for the girls. Thank God for friends. I don't know whether I'm overanxious but I have packed a huge bag for Ciara's morning out, as well as about the same for Enya (that's our usual nappy bag though). I used to laugh at another friend's bag that she used to pack when going out with her son, I now find I'm even worse! Just as well I never told her what I thought or I'd never live it down.
On another note Enya is beating Ciara on the eating and drinking front today for the first time ever. I'm wondering if they are teething, they both are very irritable, off their food (well not Enya today obviously), drooling a lot and have intermittent low grade temperatures. I can't feel anything along the gums but the Hebamme kept mentioning "Zaehne einschiessen" which translated means "teeth coming in". She said the teeth can be the source for problems even before they start coming through the gums. Oh JOY!

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Cathy said...

Hope leaving her goes ok, and the SLT appointment too!

Yay for Enya! I hope she keeps it up.

Teething, huh? Yeah, not looking forward to that.