13 Apr 2008

growth spurt I think

For the last week the girls have been eating and drinking more than ever but that is now officially over. I think they had both been going through a growth spurt, and it has unfortunately ended. The first sign was that they let us sleep in until 7am (thank you!!) on Saurday and since then we've had more than a few bottle feeds of just 40mls (usual is 130ml). Ciara managed an all time low yesterday of 390ml total!
The only reason I'm not flipping out right now is that she also ate 230g of solids! The problem with her not drinking is the ever present constipation. So today we will cut back a bit on solids and focus a bit more on drinking. I know I can plan all I want, she does what she wants, but I always feel better when I have a plan in place.

Gotta go, Enya wants her next bottle ;-)

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