6 Apr 2008

meal plans for the week

So the Thickener* has been bought (and by golly was it expensive!!) and this week we are going to get serious about trying to get the girls to drink something (anything!) other than milk. Up to now it has been more important to get calories as opposed to fluid in to them, especially Enya. However they are now drinking over 600ml of formula/day as well as eating over 150g of solids/day so we can now try get them onto drinks.
My grand plan is to introduce an extra milk feed midmorning and drop the milk part of the midday and evening meals, instead offering them water/baby tea. Got that? Sounds really complicated but hopefully will work. I can't believe that I'm voluntary introducing another meal-I was so glad when they dropped the 6th meal themselves;-).

* Cathy-we are using Nestagel (from Nestle) but I believe in the US they use Simply Thick as a thickener. I don't know how it will work out, will get back to you how good it is.

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Cathy said...

Great that they're eating so much! How's the weight gain going?

I have to talk to the pedi this week about solids. So many digestive issues, must be solved .. but still must gain weight.