25 Apr 2008

First cold and more

Well as the title says Enya has her first cold, but if wasn't enough fun trying to give her her bottle when her nose is blocked, she has an eye infection as well. We'd noticed her right eye was tearing on the weekend but it wasn't red and seemed to get better by Monday so we left it. Until this morning she woke up with (hope no one is eating lunch) a thick yellow green crust on her eyelashes.

Cue 8am ringing the doctors, to be told I don't need to bring her in, they'll prescribe some antibiotic eyedrops as she has conjunctivitis. The fun part of this is, conjunctivitis is very contagious so I have to keep rinsing the pus/slime from her eye and try not let her get it on anything else (read Ciara).

So after rushing to the doctors to pick up the prescription and collect the eyedrops it was back home to get the girls in bed so they got at least a bit of a morning nap, but they weren't having any of it. Meltdown times 2 as they wanted to have an early lunch, and then Enya continued to meltdown instead of taking her bottle. Eventually soothed her down such that we had a dream feed (haven't had that since the 2am feeds stopped) and now all is quiet in the house of Z.

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Cathy said...

Ugh, we just dealt with our first cold too. Sucks.

Are they sure it's conjunctivitis and not just a blocked tear duct? Daniel had a very teary eye and it was always getting crusty, and they just said it was a blocked duct. They popped a lot of slime out, and gave us drops .. but mostly it just needed to unblock itself.

Anyways. Hope she feels better soon and keeps the germs to herself!