17 Apr 2008

Family day

Z took the day off today as we had a doctors appointment at the SPZ (neuro developmental followup). Unfortunately it got postponed, who knew doctors can get sick too ;-). Despite this Z stayed home and we had our first family outing to the shops. Up to now one has gone shopping and the other has babysat, but now that RSV season is over we have decided to come out of hibernation and start socialising the girls. This is very important as Ciara is very uneasy in unfamiliar surroundings, mostly because she is never exposed to them.

So after the mid morning milk feed we packed the car and were off. First stop the baby shop to buy attachments for their high chairs so that the girls can start using them. Then on to the city mall so Z could order new glasses. We had visitors with small children on the weekend and one of the toddlers found Z's glasses and some how managed to bend them almost into a knot. The best part was we had to feed the girls while we were out and it all worked like clockwork. Until today I've been to terrified to be out for a feed as it can get very loud especially when one has to wait her turn. Today however we did follow on feeds (Z was still getting measured for his glasses so I had to start alone) and despite this the girls were as good as gold.

The best part of it all was that Ciara and Enya were both very interested in everything going on around them and were not at all intimidated by the noise, new surroundings or crowds.

All in all a successful day.

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Cathy said...

RSV season is over? We have one more round of shots to go.

Feeding in public is my big fear too, and what keeps us home. The noise! The mess! The need for everyone to have to change clothes after!

I'm glad you had fun though. Yay for getting OUT!