22 Apr 2008

Spring time schedule

We've spent another day hiding inside as the weather has been absolutely s#%t. I can't believe that we are almost in May and I still have the heating on during the day.

On that note we haven't been outside much with the pram as the girls are on a tight schedule:

7am Wake up
7:15am bottle and breakfast
8:30am morning nap
10am wake up, physio
11am bottle and lunch
12:30pm midday nap
2pm wake up, physio
3pm bottle and play
4:30pm afternoon nap
6pm wake up, physio
7pm bottle and dinner
8pm bed

Does anyone else think these poor kids do nothing but eat, sleep and physio? I can't cut the naps as they really need them. Enya fell asleep over lunch again today- you know it's bad when you have to wake her up for every spoonful! Physio is only getting done 3 times a day (supposed to be 4 times a day) and takes about 20mins per child, and feeding....well they need to eat, don't they.

I worry that they are not getting anytime to play and be babies. Their awake time is filled with physio which is very regimented and they don't get a lot of time to play/practice moving their bodies and gain new skills (eg like rolling- nowhere near happening!!).

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Cathy said...

Ok, here's a question. How important IS physio? Like do they have serious problems that aren't making progress?

I'm a big believer that play time is SO important. Discovering things on their own. Moving their bodies on their own. Unless, of course, there are serious problems and you NEED to be doing the physio. Playtime counts as activity and exercise, right? Can you skip a session of physio like every other day and substitute playtime instead?

But then, you likely know my opinion on physical therapy for babies right now - in other words not worth it!