24 Apr 2008


We had the second neurodevlopmental assessment today and it went about as expected. Unfortunately we didn't see the doctor we know but a new doc, so we landed up repeating alot.

In general she was satisfied with what she saw but we definitely need to keep up with the physio. Ciara is very irritable i.e.she does not handle new situations well but she could see at home Ciara does more than she demonstrated in the assessment (a few times Ciara relaxed and her true level of ability shone through). Enya has her first cold but this didn't affect her showing. With Enya the doctor remarked how difficult it is for her lying on her tummy.

The end result is we need to keep going with physio at least until the girls are both crawling. She also has put our names down for a "Heilpadegogin" which falls under the broad auspices of OT but also looking at speech and social interactions. That will probably only start when the girls start walking though. The doc also offered me the chance to get my feeding technique critiqued to check that I'm not the reason that Enya sometimes still refuses to drink (no she didn't put it quite like that but in essence that was what was meant!!).

On the plus side she believes that there were no signs that the girls are stuck in any patterns of movement (that might suggest CP) and saw no reason to think that they won't eventually walk although they are a bit delayed (still have some primitive reflexes that they should have outgrown by now).

So as I said nothing unexpected came out today, but I'll be interested to get a copy of the report nonetheless.

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