8 Apr 2008

Weights updated

Well in the blue corner, Enya weighs in at 5150g having put on 230g in the last week (I love solids and thickened formula)
And in the red corner coming in at 6510g, Ciara. She put on....gulp... 400g in the last week. I promise she is not being overfed-a couple of days there Enya drank and ate more than she did. We have however been giving her milk sugar to get her more regular. I think we're going to have to find another solution for her constipation!!


Cathy said...

Everyone has told me to do prune juice in the bottle for constipation. Just a little, like a teaspoon once a day. I've read apple or pear juice too ..

But YAY for weight gain!!

iamza said...

Whee, at last! You realize they're now ten times heavier than when they were born! :-)