30 Apr 2008

Quick rant

Finally got my computer back from my husband. He hijacked it to do some work on. He stayed home from work yesterday morning so he could take Enya to the hospital for the feedback about the apnea monitor download. We had deliberately made the appointment for a week after the download so that the Prof would have time to evaluate the results and we could have a face to face discussion about what he thinks is the next step.
The appoinment was at 11:30am but Z didn't get home until nearly 14:00 after the appointment, as always appointments were running late.... and the results from the feedback were.... NONE. The prof hadn't had a chance yet to look at the results! Z has taken half a day off work for nothing. Why they couldn't phone us to delay the appointment I don't know, but this is the last straw. Any future appointments that require hospital appointments will be done at another hospital, even if I have to drive to Cologne (an hour away). The worst thing about it is, this Prof is head of the entire hospital not just the NICU and neonatology.
Enough said, rant over, time for physio

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