20 Apr 2008

Eat or sleep

It seems I have a choice, either Ciara and Enya can eat or they can sleep. I can't have both.

For the last week they have been sleeping fantastically, I haven't written about this up till now as I didn't want to tempt fate too much, but they are going down at 8pm and waking at 7am. Ciara may wake a couple of times around 5-6am but goes back to sleep as soon as her dummy is replaced in her mouth. This sounds marvellous but the down side is we are battling to get 500ml of milk into them. Even Ciara has had a couple days where she hasn't managed 400ml. What makes it even worse worse is that they refuse to even try any other drink.

However on the plus side the solids continue apace. We have also added fish to the menu plan, thank goodness they seem to take after their father and really enjoy fish (so far cod and salmon have been gobbled up) as I HATE fish!!

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