4 Apr 2009


Z has gone off to his beloved scottish mountains and left me all alone with the girls, I hasten to add with my full agreement. Z gets cranky when he doesn't see mountains for a while and he hasn't been near mountains since before the girls were born! I mean come on, we spent our summer holiday last year in the Netherlands, it doesn't get much flatter! Thankfully my younger sister arrives on Monday so I won't be alone for long.

It's not that I can't manage the girls by myself, I do everyday. But with no family close by and friends that have their own families, it's nice to get a break and have another pair of hands when feeding them bottles or solids.

Ciara now refuses to eat unless we give her a spoon too, unfortunately she needs very close supervision as she is a bit unpredictable. Enya needs to be encouraged to use her spoon which requires a lot of input from me and neither girl is prepared to wait for the other to finish so solids are given simultaneously. Hence the relief when meals are one adult per child!

In return for Z going to Scotland, I get to go visit my sister in Houston in the autumn. I've only been to the States once so far (a shopping weekend to NYC)so I'm really looking forward to this, especially when my sister tells me how warm Houston is. I was only going to book for a week but Z keeps telling me to go for longer, I think he just wants C and E all to himself! Up to now he has spent a maximum of 8 hours all alone with the girls without me and is definitely not used to their tricks. I'll be very interested to see how he survives the week and I think he will have a steep learning curve. Perhaps I'll even get a bit more understanding when the house is in a state when he comes home from work! We will see.

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Trish said...

How fun!
I wish I was close to Houston..

And I think the time would be good for him. I'm always a *little* pleased when I come home after being gone even an hour or so and the hubby looks like he's been hit by a train. I think it makes him appreciate me more.