23 Apr 2009

Preemie followup reports again

They arrived this morning in the post and for once were better than I expected. Ciara's says she has slight speech delays for her adjusted age, while Enya's said she had slight delay with fine motor coordination but she is on track with her gross motor milestones. Considering that we are back in physio due to concerns about her walking ability (definitely a gross motor ability) I was very surprised to read this.

We are still battling through with physio at home though I had (ahem) dropped back to once a day. Today Mrs W. suggested I do the harder technique only once a day and the easier technique twice a day, since Enya doesn't cry or fight the easier technique I probably will do it. I was hoping she would say we could think about stopping again but although there has been definite improvements in Enya's foot positioning and stability when walking she still has very obvious truncal deficits. They are only really noticable when Enya runs around nekkid as she is able to compensate for them very well. I sometimes wonder if it is possible to "fix" this or if she will always have this weakness, perhaps to a lesser degree though.

After our weekly physio screamathon we went to visit Z at his work. He didn't see the girls this morning as they were up at 6 am for breakfast (due to Ciara going to bed without solids last night-she didn't like what was on offer!) and as he had a very unsettled night's sleep, I let him sleep in and did the breakfast battle alone (aside: it is so much easier than it was with feeding them at the same time, now that they both hold their bottles themselves). We had lunch in the work cafeteria, Ciara tried green beans and even chewed on some pork, Enya nearly choked on some potato and then refused everything except yoghurt. Dinner will just have to be extra healthy tnight to make up for lunch I guess. Z's colleagues were amazed at how much the girls have grown and were suitably impressed by their walking skills and Enya's still present black eye. Z enjoyed the surprise so we may have t repeat the experiment at some stage.

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Le Bec said...

YAY! For surprisingly good reviews. We get them very rarely too.

I hope that you're able to stop doing the home therapy soon too.