10 Apr 2009

One thing I love about Germany is come sunny public holidays, the whole country goes walking! Even on a Sunday morning when we look out our kitchen window I see streams of people marching up our road, heading for the forest trails at the end of the street.

Today was a beautiful sunny warm day and so in honour of the germans we went for a walk. Although we took the buggy with, Ciara and Enya weren't too interested in riding in it. Most of the time they spent running every which way, inspecting the stones and sticks lying around, attemting to climb onto the wooden bences lining the trail and generally expending loads of energy. We probably only walked about a kilometer before stopping for coffee and cake, it was a welcome refueling stop for us all.

Enya fell quite often, she seems to only have 2 speeds- still or full speed ahead and on the uneven surfaces she kept going sprawling. She doesn't like having her hands dirty, everytime she fell she'd hold her hands out for one of us to dust the dirt off. Enya kept having brief rides in the pram, she obviously still has to build her endurance up whereas Ciara is like an everyready battery- she keeps going!! Ciara is fascinated by stones, she collects them and then carries them with her. Every so often she'll come up and give us one with a "bitte" (please), although she usually demands it back immediately after. We have to watch her quite closely as well as she keeps putting the gravel in her mouth, because I never feed her you know!! ;0)

Anyway enjoy the pictures

PS you may notice the girls are wearing summer sandals with socks, what can I say they are half german!!

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Shannon said...

Thats so awesome they are walking!
Tristan is taking some steps, but rather crawl everywhere he goes.
They are so cute.