29 Apr 2009

Sick day 2

We're up to half and half milk rehydration solution. Yesterday Ciara drank nearly a litre of rehydration solution and had 2 snackbreads the entire day. I did offer her plain rice and chicken for dinner, but she only wanted a snackbread. She probably still wasn't feeling back to normal as she had another small oops later while in bed. This morning we gave her half and half to drink and mashed banana to eat for breakfast (following the build up plan given by our paed) which she a) wanted and b)so far seems to have tolerated. Hopefully by this evening she will be back on top form and starving!

So far Enya seems healthy but I'm still not counting my chickens, I'll be making a run to the pharmacy later to stock up on rehydration solution!

1 comment:

La La said...

Aw, poor baby! Hope she's back to 100% very soon.