28 Apr 2009

How to know if your baby is sick

The first clue would be the 4 wet spots in her cot, but brush it off with "oohhh, she drooled a lot last night" and think nothing of it. The second clue would be when after changing her nappy she spits out a whle lot of phlegm but without retching so brush it off as "I know she's had a runny nose she must have swallowed a lot of slime during the night to spit it out now, I hope she doesn't get nauseous from it".

Begin to start suspecting something when your daughter who normally gobbles her milk down starts pushing the bottle away after only drinking 2/3 of it. Know there is something wrong when she vomits said milk back all over you. Enjoy a long cuddle from the girl who normally is too busy to spend more than 10 seconds cuddling you. Start going into uh-oh mode when she continues to retch even after only bile is coming up. Go into oh-shit mode when even the rehydration solution comes back with interest.

We've given Ciara an anti-emetic and will see if she can hold the rehydration solution down after her nap. If not, then hey ho it's off to the doc we go. Enya is still showing no signs of anything but I'm not holding my breath that she stays healthy. Damn it and she had just reached 9.6kg!

I hate it when the kids are sick, I feel so helpless.

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