27 Apr 2009


So much for never getting sick, I'm teetering on the edge of getting Z's cold! He spent the weekend in bed and is still feeling so rotten that he's taking a sickie today! I asked what would happen if I got as sick as he did and his reply was he'd stay home and babysit. What I want to know is, would he make me hot lemon and honey

Thankfully the girls are not showing any signs of the cold and even Ciara's red ear was gone by the next morning. We have to be all healthy for our holiday in 7 WEEKS! I can't wait!!

Yesterday was Sunday shopping in our city, isn't it funny how I now get excited about shops being open on a Sunday. In South Africa and England it was normal, in Germany it is a huge deal, the radio reported that they had more trade yesterday than on any single day in the christmas shopping season. Madness, I tell you! I met up with friends in Ikea to get the girls out of Z's (non existent) hair. Ciara and Enya were a bit scared of the slide they had in the kids area but were fascinated by the soft toys lying around, as they still tend to slobber over toys I had to keep them in the pram for most of the visit which was therefore quite short. I have however discovered they really like fruit smoothies and almond tart (even if they then don't eat dinner!).

Enya is still walking around with the remenants of her black eye, it's amusing in a very sick way to see the double looks she (and we) get when we are out in public, yet no one (apart from friends) trust themselves to say anything to us about it. I would probably have been a bit embarrassed if someone did ask us about it, but given what a whopper she had, I would have understood why they did. I'm just going to have to buy her a helmet I guess.

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