4 Apr 2009

Toy box wars

The latest craze in the House of Z is fighting over possession of the toy box: Enya voicing her displeasure

given that Miss C outweighs Miss E by 2.5kg, it will be no surprise who the winner was!

I had a really enjoyable day today, it started off a little dicey with Ciara refusing to eat any breakfast. Probably because I've decided to ramp things up a bit, we go on holiday (fortnight in Turkey, I can't wait) in 2 months and they need to be able to eat at least some table foods by then, so they got grated apple with their instant baby oats this morning. Ciara hated it but Enya ate all of hers and some of Ciara's as well!

I then cooked most of the morning which made them grumpy but thanks to no breakfast Ciara gobbled down lunch. Lunch was spaghetti bolognese with normal spaghetti that I cut into 1-2 cm pieces (up to now they've only had a few little pasta shells or more usually noodle granules), both girls managed this easily. The best part was they also ate a salmon football (firm salmon paste in a crumb mantle-delicious even for me, a fish hater) for the first time. Usually when it's offered they'll only eat a bite or two. Then this afternoon while they were napping I made them Tofu rissoles and let them have a bite when they woke up (actually for lunch tomorrow) and they both came back for seconds so that hopefully bodes well for eating tomorrow!! We still have some episodes where Enya gags on the more solid foods but she now seems to be able to stop the vomitting that always used to follow a gag. She is also taking proper bites when we give her a biscuit instead of just gnawing around the edge and she is also making chewing motions which is a distinct improvement over a few weeks ago!

This evening, for the first time while bathing them alone, I put them both in the bath together. We usually bath them one after another, with one of us in the bath with them, as they tend to be all over the place in the water. Today though I left out the bath seat, made it a very shallow bath, stripped them both before putting them into the bath and removed them both from the water before trying to dry them. It worked a dream and they had so much fun splashing each other that this is going to be my method of choice. Excepting, of course, the pee on the carpet and the telephone and the sleeping bag that landed up in the bath water, tonight was an all round success.

Now if only I can work out how to clean their teeth without me physically having to hold them down!! They don't cry (much) when we clean their teeth they would just "rather not thank you mommy!".

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Le Bec said...

I wonder what it is. Erin loves sitting in the toy box too. With all the toys of course, at least until she starts throwing them all out one at a time :|