20 Apr 2009

It's been a week!!

I haven't had a lot to say so just never got around to posting. I really enjoyed having my baby sister here for a fortnight. The girls adore her (so much so they were going to her for cuddles instead of me!!) and she was fantastic with getting Enya to eat including getting Enya to use the spoon to feed herself. Quick aside here: Enya hadn't vomited in a while and Z happened to mention this on Saturday evening during dinner, not more than 5 minutes later on the 3rd last spoon she spewed the entire meal back at him. The old motto from NICU still applies never praise my girls where they can hear it!! I kept trying to convince Ren that she really wants to stay as a fulltime Au Pair for board and lodgings but she wouldn't be convinced ;0).

Enya got her first two molars in the last couple of weeks and looks to be working on the third, Ciara has her first four and I believe may be working on more as she is drooling which is very unusual for her. The last 2 days she has also been very whingy which may be due to missing Ren or due to teething although up to now teething has had no effect on them behaviourly. We have stopped sticking our fingers into their mouths to check for budding teeth as they now bite down and those baby teeth are VERY sharp.

Ren left early on Saturday morning and Saturday day itself was spent getting things ready to put the aquarium together, Saturday night was spent actually putting it together. When I agreed to the aquarium I was thinking of the normal little tank with pretty fishes in it, Z had other ideas! We now have a huge 350l tank taking up one corner of our living room. It is going to be a Malawi tank with fish from Africa, something from my home contienent. Hopefully the first fish will be swimming in it by this weekend. I'll post some pitures when it is all finished!

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iamza said...

Holding you to that promise of pictures! Are the fish in already?