2 Apr 2009


Well spring has finally arrived, we've had 2 beautiful semi warm sunny days on a trot and the forecast is that it will only get better, for this week at least.

Yesterday we met up with another set of twins from the NICU. They are about 6 weeks older than C and E (adjusted of course, actual they are about 2 weeks younger) and so much bigger, even than Ciara! We had brunch together and then took the 4 kids to the local park to play. Somehow it was a lot easier this time although I had to keep herding Ciara away from the stream. Enya had a wonderful time on the roundabout (a sit down roundabout, veeeerry nice!) while Ciara enjoyed playing with the ball Maren, the other twins mom, brought.

Even in the couple of weeks since we were last in the park I can see a huge improvement in Enya's confidence and mobility, she still falls over on the the uneven ground but she gets up and runs off again. Two weeks ago she would have crawled to me and refused to go anywhere unless I was holding her hand.

Unfortunately we only had about 45 minutes in the park before Maren needed to leave to pick up her older son from Kindergarten, but we all had fun and have agreed to do it again in the very near future.

I had to laugh though at the reaction we got as 2 sets of twins walking down the street. The funniest part though was when we met a friend of Maren with only one 6 month old son also in a pram going in the same direction. As all 3 of us were pushing prams and walking together down the street together, a passerby called out that we were missing a baby. Twins, the new normality!!

In the afternooon I took them out again to run in "our" huge backgarden, I wanted the girls to get a bit of sun as I'm feeling a bit guilty that they are no longer getting Vit D supplements- our paed told us to stop after 15 months actual, I kept on until February (15 months adjusted) but the Developmental follow up doc thought they should be on it for the first 2 years. My compromise is to let them enjoy the late afternoon sunshine when we get it!


iamza said...

Glad you're getting some good weather and the time in the park sounds lovely. I was waiting to hear that Ciara had somehow figured out how to remove her shoe, and dump it in the stream for a moment there! :-)

Are the other twins both girls as well?

Nix said...

Yup they are identical twins, the silliest thing is the mom dresses them identically as well! Makes life really difficult to tell them apart!