8 Apr 2009

Zoo visit

Playing with the car in the physios waiting room

After our 9:15 physio appointment we hightailed it up to Cologne to enjoy the fantastic weather and finally visit the zoo there. I had to haul out the sunscreen and sunhats (last years do NOT fit this year!) and we were all in short sleeves. I felt really sorry for all the babies bundled up in winter fleeces and sheepskin pram bags, especially as most of their mommies were wearing short sleeve t-shirts!!
Ciara taking herself for a walk

Enya wandering around

The girls seemed to enjoy themselves especially when we let them out the buggy to run around. I felt it was too cruel to expect them to spend the whole visit in the buggy and with two of us there we could watch/rescue one child each. They particulaly enjoyed pushing the buggy around with our supervision- this may be a trick to keep track of them in public places in the future, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them doing this :0(.

I had the feeling Ciara and Enya are still not that interested in the animals, not even the rhino that came within one meter of us behind a full length window. But Renee and I had a great time and C and E had a day out. We only got home around 6 pm and after food and a bath, the girls crashed for the night and we didn't hear a peep out of them again.

Ren with Ciara

Sippys don't get too excited, C and E believe these are teething/ chewing toys

I haven't included any photos of the animals because shortly after we arrived my camera battery died, followed quickly by my video cameras battery so not a lot of photos/film!

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