13 Apr 2009

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful easter, our's was very quiet. We've discovered Ciara loves chocolate, Enya not so much. In fact Enya tends to spit it straight out again, DARN another potential calorie bomb bites the dust!

Z arrived back at 2 am this morning and after briefly surfacing to help with breakfast, has returned to bed. Before he collapsed again he did say that Enya appears to be walking better than a week ago! They were so excited when they heard his voice, squealing like little pigs but Enya needed a few minutes before she would cuddle him, Ciara jumped right into his arms and wouldn't let go. Z really missed his little girls, his comment was a week and a half is too long to be away from them (and me). Poor thing, he has another week away next month, this time for work though!

In honour of his return we (my sister and I) are baking him rye bread for brunch, I forgot to buy bread last week as we've been baking our own this week. Almost everyday a different sort, we've had wholewheat banana bread, beer bread, naan bread , russian potato bread and chocolate twist bread. This has not been a good week for dieting!! At least we haven't started on making biscuits yet.

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iamza said...

Enya doesn't like chocolate? I didn't know kids could not not like chocolate! The things you learn...