6 Apr 2009

T-6 hours

My little sister arrives in 6 hours and I can't wait to see her! She hasn't seen the girls since their birthday last year and so much has chnaged since then! At that time Ciara just started to crawl properly (literally the day before her birthday) while Enya could army crawl about 1m. Now they both walk/run everywhere, babble constantly and are into everything. NOTHING IS SAFE anymore!!

I've enjoyed the last 2 days having C and E all to myself and not having to consider anyone else's schedule or needs in my planning, but I must be honest I was counting down the minutes yesterday evening until bedtime. They turned ratty and whingy yesterday afternoon, I think they are missing Z.

Ciara ate her yogurt last night all by herself, I think I gave her 2 teaspoons , and she didn't even spill much of it. Enya has also made a huge leap forward in self feeding and was this morning loading her spoon with cereal and bringing it to her mouth without any assistance. Admittedly I could have fed a third child with everything that was spilled on the table and floor but the progress is exciting. That is definitely been the plus of this weekend alone, I'm being forced to leave the comfortable routines and allow the girls to experiment and develop independance at the table. And I would say the rapid progress shows that it was overdue!

I'm not even panicking (much) that Enya only ate half a small rissole and half a slice of snackbread smeared with peanut butter for lunch. She ate what she wanted and good is. I'm reading a book called "Child of Mine" by Ellyn Satter, it's all about feeding, and she stresses how important it is that the child be allowed to determine how much of whatever they eat. The amount is their responsibility, my responsibility is the what, where and when. Of course this only really applies when there is no underlying medical/psychoogical reason for children not eating.

The weight difference between my girls is increasing again, we are now at nearly 2.5kg difference after staying at only 2kg difference for a long time. I honestly don't understand why, as the amounts of food they are offered are not that different. Ciara does eat more but not every meal or even everyday, she just seems to use it more efficiently. Oh well in the long run it has certainly made the twins experience cheaper as Enya inherits all Ciara's clothes!

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Cathy said...

I read that feeding book too. It helps when Andrew isn't eating and I KNOW he's ok physically so it's ok to let him not. For now.

Glad they're showing signs of self-feeding!