25 Apr 2009


All is continuing as per usual in the House of Z. Z is sick again (a cold, knocks him for 6 at least twice a year) but so far the females in the house are all healthy. I hope Ciara and Enya inherited my immune system as I'm hardly ever ill (watch out, it'll be a case of famous last words). That being said Ciara has a bright red and waxy right ear at the moment, she has no other symptoms so we will just have to monitor her for now.

As I was homebound for the day I decided to make my own pasta- thai inspired chicken tortelloni (thnak you Jamie Oliver). You lucky souls get to admire the fruits of my labour.

It was really tasty and very filling. The dark sauce is a dipping sauce which just made the tortelloni, we'll be eating it for at least the rest of the weekend. I even made the leftover pasta into tagliatelle, which I'm drying and will eat sometime this week.

Last but not least the promised pictures of the fish tank, we even have the first occupants! I think Z did a fantastic job even if he is being very german about the whole setting up and has even started a diary where he can record everything he does with the aquarium in.

The girls love to stand and watch the fish playing peek-a-boo in amongst the rocks, the trick is going to be stopping them from banging on the glass(C and E, not the fish!!!)

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iamza said...

Gosh, that fish tank looks wonderful! I'm not surprised the girls feel compelled to stand and watch.