30 Apr 2009

The last bastion falls

At sometime last night Enya succombed. She did it quietly so we walked unsuspecting into the room this morning to be confronted with a spew covered cot and child. Z landed up going to work late as we first bathed both girls (it was everywhere and if I'm going to bath one then I might as well bath both!!) and I needed to run to the pharmacy as Enya doesn't drink the rehydration solution I had at home. I've got an order in for more of the anti emetic just in case (best case scenario we have it for the holiday in June) although I haven't given it to anyone in over a day.

Surprisingly Enya is very chipper this morning and Ciara is the one that crys everytime I try to put her down and who just wants to cuddle. The fact that I'm struggling with a cold doesn't help matters either. Oh well at least tomorrow is a public holiday and Z will be home to help (I feel obliged to add, Z offered to stay home but I said I could cope today alone).

I really hope nobody else pukes in their bed today as I have no more clean sheets!

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iamza said...

Oh dear. I hope Ciara feels better, at least, and that you and Enya aren't far behind.