8 Apr 2009

Shoe guilt

Today we went shopping, firstly I needed to get good sunhats that fit the girls. Then I wanted to get some summer sandals for Enya as Ciara already had a pair from a good friend and if the weather certainly warrants them.

I had a blast finding the sunhats. Thank goodness Ren was with me to help me choose between the gorgeous hats we found. In the end I chose different hats for them althoug both have a neck protector flap so the hats will definitely come in handy in Turkey. I just need to sew on a strap to keep them on the girls' heads, don't ask me why but none of the hats had chin straps!

While we were in the shoe shop looking for sandals with buckles, (why don't they have any shoes with buckles anymore? My girls don't keep velcro fastening shoes on for very long!) Enya tried on a pair of shoes that are a size smaller than her present pair, suddenly she was walking steadier and with a narrower base. I knew her shoes were a bit big, but we got her measured at the specialist childrens shoe store and this was the size they recommended (yes for the same shoes). Part of her problem with walking outside has certainly been due to the uneven surface but even more has been the difficulty balancing with boats on her feet. Thank goodness we've only had them on her when she was outside and only for the last few weeks.

So Enya now also has a new pair of shoes that fit and she is feeling a lot more confident about walking around outside. Onward and forward!

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iamza said...

Proof that one is never too young to go shopping for new shoes. :-)